Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is a progressive reveal system?

A: Minters will be allowed to mint for a Genesis CATC Mint Pod. The Genesis CATC Mint Pod will always remain in its original form and will only transmogrify into an NFT from the CATC collection if the owner chooses to do so.

Q: Why use a progressive reveal system?

A: We believe that every holder/investor of Cyber Ape Tower Club should retain control of whether or not their NFT should be revealed.

Q: Are there any benefits to the progressive reveal system?

A: Yes, owners can get to choose between revealing or keeping their Genesis CATC Mint Pod as is. As more pods become revealed by owners, the number of unrevealed pods will reduce, so its value will likely increase.

Q: What will happen should I choose to use the Genesis CATC Mint Pod?

A: Your Genesis CATC Mint Pod will be burnt, and a new NFT from the CATC collection will be minted into your wallet.

Q: When is the Presale/Public sale?

A: Presale will be happening on 29 March at 14:00 UTC. Public sale starts 24 hour after presale on 30 March at 14:00 UTC.

Q: What is the mode of mint?

A: Direct sale 0.065E for whitelisted members, dutch auction for public sale starting from 0.29E ending at 0.065E.

Q: How can I participate in the whitelist?

A: You can earn a whitelist raffles ticket by inviting friends to join the discord server. The more you refer, the more whitelist ticket you receive. If you invite more than 50 to join, you will be guaranteed a whitelist spot.

Q: Why are there different roles and colours of members’ names inside the discord server?

A: The ranking of our discord members are determined by the amount of contribution done. Members may attain a higher floor ranking by inviting more people to join our discord community.

Q: Does having a higher floor ranking in discord guarantee me a whitelist spot?

A: Only the 50th floor and above are guaranteed the whitelist role. Other than that, having a higher floor role increases your raffle tickets, which increases the chances of you getting whitelisted. Check out #whitelist on discord for more info.

Q: Is there any other way to earn a whitelist spot other than inviting?

A: We value members who contribute heavily to the growth of our community. If your circle of influence do not permit those mentioned above, then actively conversing, aiding others, and tweeting about CATC will earn you a chance to be invited into the whitelist. Be actively tweeting about CATC, tag @CATCNFT in your tweets. We will look out for members actively contributing to the growth of CATC and issue whitelist status directly to them.

Q: Is there a roadmap that I can follow?

A: We have an internal roadmap that we are following. The confirmed itinerary includes our CATC metaverse, Genesis Land NFT allocation for Genesis Pod/ CATC ape holders, and collaboration between CATC and other notable NFT projects. Alternatively, look at our Alpha Board to have a glimpse of what the future entails.