Cyber Ape Tower Club

Located in a distant cybernetic world.
It represents the birth of a new metaverse.
It is a new beginning for the chosen ones.

The genesis launch of CATC comprises 10,000 unique unrevealed Genesis avatars in the form of a CATC Genesis Mint Pod.

Using a unique progressive reveal system, owners of a CATC Genesis Mint Pod can use it to mint a Genesis CATC avatar or keep the CATC Genesis Mint Pod unrevealed.

Owners of Genesis CATC NFT will gain access to The Tower Club, NFT drops, metaverse currency drop, and they are allocated with Genesis Land NFTs of the CATC metaverse.

Get to meet, discuss, and discover all within The Tower Club.

With time, members will ascend to The Tower and unlock new rooms floor after floor until they reach the top.

The Tower Club Awaits You.

Metaverse Reimagined


Project Lead: David D
Art Lead Lisa Dinorscio
Art asst. lead: Clyde Wolfe
Marketing IC: Mary Dziadzio
Server Manager: Jason Webb